The Couple Made in Heaven


I have never envied something so much. I sit here day after day observing their every single conduct, like a new born baby exploring the new World, learning to appreciate his surroundings and attempting to decode its workings.

They are not rich nor poor, sophisticated nor uncultured, infatuated nor bored: just two original average people who fell in love and got married. There was no (B)Hollywood type courtship or Indian type “parents conveniently” arranged meetings.

Two people whose paths “happened” to cross, a simple story “boy meets girl, they fall in love”. Yet, its one of those love stories that gets more interesting after the curtains closed and after the audience have left, complaining on how ordinary the story was. I have never seen so much teamwork, two very distinct individuals both physically and mentally worlds apart, working in unison as if the words “yes, I do/till death do us apart” had connected them telepathically for life. She scamps around feeding the eldest while carrying the youngest, while he peels the potato and sings a lullaby to put the youngest to sleep. They move from one random task to another like its routine, something only 40 years of marriage life would teach. Yet, for them its second nature. He would always try to sneak in a kiss in between this chaos, which she waits for with such patience that I get the feeling that it too may just be planned. For most, these tasks are burdens or avoidable obligations. For them, it’s exactly what marriage life promised to be. I envy them not because I can’t have that kind of relationship but because I want it right now. Sadly, for now I just have to settle to vicariously live off this goodness.

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