The Pupil Master


The world is strange. They say that you get only one father and one mother. That is true only if we are talking about biological parents. But, how useful are biological parents. With divorce, single parenthood and remarriage becoming a social acceptable norm we are slowly exposed to multiple parents. And like perfect competition benefit the consumers more than a monopoly we realize that honestly some parental figures are just better than others.

This post is not about what makes someone a great parent but rather how various parents (parent figures) have influenced my life.

This post is going to be about my pupil master. Outside a few professions gone are the days where your boss is more than just the ordinary stress creating individual. The one you come home to complain about, the one that transforms into the excuse to your girlfriend or wife on why you can’t spend time with them. My profession, he is more.

Back to my topic on parent figures. Fortunately, my profession is the exception, the few where ‘your boss’ is something. It is often asked in my profession whenever you do a good or bad thing ‘who is your pupil master’ where you are rarely judged based on your parents’ excellent upbringing of you or your university education. Your pupil master or your boss becomes something more, he slowly becomes the yardstick that people evaluate you on.

He was randomly assigned to me similar to how god randomly assigns a baby to a particular father and mother, something only with hindsight can you be grateful. Again I would just thank the relevant person/entity ” for giving that parental figure at a stage in my life which is oh so crucial’.

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