Experience Classes


Again, I have realized how wrong the majority view or perception can be.

I believe there are three ‘experience people’ classes;

Firstly, there is the high school type- the people who emphasize and boast about the legendary stories about the ‘crazy shit’ they did when in high school. How they wish they could relive those moments and escape this tormenting worklife.

Second, there is the university type – the people who talk about their ‘conquests’ and celebrate their laziness I.e. never waking up in the morning and never going for lectures. The lack of responsibilities is envied and even craved for.

Third, there is the me type or present work type – I loved high school and I loved university. They were great experiences during those stages in my life. But, now we must realize that this stage is different, the benefits and disadvantages are different. Maybe you can’t sleep till the sunsets and wait all night chit chatting but life provides its benefits in a different form i.e. financial independence and helping the society.

Its nice to know that its not about you. High school and university experiences were all about. YOUR conquests YOUR desires YOUR achievements. But work life is harder because you realize that the next stage in this life becomes more than just about you. Helping the world while trying to make a living is hard. But, the rewards are like nothing you could have ever imagined.

On a side note, got my first criminal acquittal. When you see the accused’s reaction after the words ‘not guilty’ is given, it helps to remind me why I do what I do.

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