Only girlfriends and Mothers


I think there is currently only two types of women: girlfriends and mothers.

So why the lack of wives ? Honestly I have no idea. Maybe there are no such category of women anymore. Maybe they have with the evolution of women become an extinct species. Maybe the feminist movement and “modernization” of women, the label wife has become a rather demeaning title, a title that carries the characteristics of a supporter or caregiver to the husband, who is the dominant person of the duo. The reducing or blurring of individual boundaries and somewhat overshadowing of a woman’s importance in “husband-wife” relationships have forced most women out of the “wife” market. I think most importantly, giving up one’s surname or nowadays the women’s brand name in the workplace is unthinkable.

So, the abundance of girlfriends and boyfriends. Why not, such a relationship allows the assumption of casualness or non-commitment with all the emotional and physical benefits.

But why mothers. Of course, I do not mean our biological mothers but rather single women who can be labeled as mothers. We can thank god for at least engraving a strong enough dna in women to crave children whether it maybe a mere 1 or an “ideal” 2. So, there are these working independent women with the belief that they will work till about 29-32 and then start a family have one child or two at most (boy and girl) and continue to work while a maid and their grandparents look after their offsprings. The children become a supplementary goal or objective like getting that ideal promotion or salary increase. A career-family goal to portrait that ‘I am a career mother’ to a world where every women is trying to show how they can fight the odds and be that perfect career women/mother. A gamble that not many know of except the losers: husband and always the children. Tell a women that looking after children is a career in itself (which so many applicants get rejected and other fail miserly at), and they will tell you that its a useless career with no monetary rewards or clear career success. A career as a housewife is not going to pay for a gucci bag or district 9 condo. Plus you can always do a full time job and be a part-time mother, right ?

Call me selfish, chauvinist, old fashioned etc, but for me I have always preferred a “wife” not a “girlfriend” nor “mother”.

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