Concept of Stress


I was recently told that I can’t take stress.

Yes that’s right, me of all people can’t take stress. The same person that struggled his own life with uncertainties and overdid everything so he won’t fail because honestly failure was not an option. One might even say that potential failure was my motivator or stress inducer.

So what changed ? Why I am no longer driven or motivated ? Looking back I think graduating from university is all I wanted and since then its been downhill. Suddenly, I have developed a desire to socialize, meet new friends, go party, leave work unfinished, feel lazy etc… All extra-circular activities that I refused to part take in university.

So maybe, I am infact not focused as I can be. Maybe, I can’t take as much stress as I did in university. I just believe it boils down “what is your motivation?” In university, it was getting through law and business with the best of my ability in those 5 years and if that meant not eating regularly, not dating anyone, sleeping every other day then so be. A small price to pay for setting a strong foundation that I can always fall back.

At work, it is pacing yourself over a hopeful 20-30 year career without burning out, not too many divorces, not too many depressive periods, healthy. So what you don’t make SC at 39 ?

One of my fellow senior lawyers once said “its easy when its just work and you” add “family, friends and loved ones” and it makes the equation a lot more harder.

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