The Child Rapist


Note: these opinions are expressed in my personal capacity and do not express my professional views/opinions whatsoever. The examples are only for illustrative purposes and are taken from publicly available information. Readers are advised to read this Website’s Disclaimer Clause.


“On one night in year xxx, when the victim was sleeping on the mattress inside the master bedroom, she suddenly felt someone lying beside her and awoke from her sleep.  When the victim opened her eyes, she realized that it was the accused who was lying beside her.

…..The accused told the victim to keep quiet before puling down the victim’s shorts.  He then caressed the victim’s private part whilst kissing her at the same time.  He also proceeded to lick the victim’s private part and sucked her nipples, intending thereby to outrage the modesty of the victim. As this was taking place, the victim’s mother was sound asleep on the bed.  The victim did not dare to shout as she was afraid.  After a while, the accused stopped what he was doing”

“He then asked the victim whether she wanted to see his p**** and suck it.  The victim again remained silent and the accused proceeded to pull down his shorts to expose his p****  before guiding the victim’s head towards his p****.  He told the victim to “eat it like an ice-cream”.  Although the victim was scared, she then opened her mouth and the accused guided his p****  into her mouth.  The victim proceeded to perform fellatio on the accused.  After a short while, the accused saw someone approaching the van through the van’s left wing mirror.  Thus, he told the victim to stop and then drove the van to fetch the victim’s mother.”

For some, these stories are frictional and erotic short stories but others know, through their own experiences that these are real stories. These are stories about a father or step-father, who takes advantage of his innocent and helpless daughter or step-daughter, to satisfy his own deviant sexual pleasures.

It has been said that rape by a parent is one of the worst kinds of sexual offences. The victim cannot sever her ties with the offender and would have to meet him again some day upon his release from prison. There is no difference whether the offender is the victim’s biological parent for he is practically in the same position as her natural father. It is his duty to provide for her, to protect her and read her favourite storybook before tucking her in to sleep. Instead, the offender treats this young girl as if she were a sex worker who was to provide him sexual pleasure in the afternoons in the comfort of his home. The abuse takes place in the place where the victim was supposed to feel most secure in. The offender creates an illusive sense of guilt – swear to God not to disclose the details to anyone as otherwise something bad would befall her grandparents – do you want the family to break up and your brother and sister to grow up without both parents – help you understand how to be intimate with boys –

The psychological trauma caused by sexual offences can be so deep-seated that it can have a permanent impact on a victim’s ability to function in society. This can particularly be the case where sexual violation has been perpetrated over a long period of time, especially where the perpetrator is a family member or a person in a position of trust. Existing personal relationships may break down and victims often find it extremely difficult to develop intimate relationships with anyone in the future

The ultimate relationship of trust and authority is that between a parent and his or her child. There exists between them a human relationship in which the parent has a moral obligation to look after and care for the child. The level of confidence and trust that a child naturally reposes in his or her parent entails that a parent who betrays that trust and harms the child stands at the furthest end of the spectrum of guilt.

The few months in practice has made me realize how lucky I am and how even luckier some of my friends have been in the lives we have lived so far. The hardship I faced is nothing or insignificant compared to some people who are deprived of what we, the privileged like to call, inalienable and basic rights.

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  1. indeed informative post in this blog. Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but your posts are not alike. Bravo. I like to read and recommend all my friend to read this blog. Thanks for share.

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