Most Unwelcomed – Asian Nightmare


I am sometimes alarmed how unwelcoming certain groups of people are to strangers. These are strangers who are forced to travel thousands of miles away from their loved ones to work in jobs that no ‘developed/educated’ person would want, for a pay that is so minimal or little that’s its value is only felt when it is converted to a weaker currency.

In the pursuit of happiness and faced with financial difficulty most of them travel overseas with great ambitions to better their lives and their loved ones. They are no different from any other migrant before them. They are only ‘unwelcomed’ by certain groups of individuals that only complain about how crowded the trains are because of them, how expensive the flats are because of them, how unclean or noisy or smelly a place is because of them, how hot a crowded place is because of them, how there are no jobs because of them etc.

You know that someone is ungracious when they never appreciate the benefits but only know how to constantly nitty pick the problems. We forget that these trains and the tracks are built and maintained by them, the flats are built by them, most places are cleaned and maintained by them, most MNCs are here because of them and the cheap labor they offer.

The American Dream – to go to a country with limitless possibilities with the hope that your life and that of your family would be better. Here, its called the Asian Nightmare – to go to a country to do everything because you have to, get paid peanuts, get ill treated, ostracised and sent home when your usefulness is over.

Thank you for making them feel most unwelcomed.

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