A Lawyer’s Thoughts in 6 Minutes



It been some time since my last post. (Un)fortunately, work has kept me quite busy. My firm decided to retain me and since then I have been under quite a bit of stress trying to meet my billing quotes. It seems like every single moment of my day (while I am awake) is billable whether its to file XXX or file YYYY and if I ain’t billing some client for some work done then I am wasting the company’s resources and time, which means I become a liability towards the company rather than an asset.

I have had weeks where the difference between Monday and Tuesday is the 3-4 hours I manage to close my eyes and get some sleep. A “break” consists of drafting a short email and taking a breather from finishing up a written submission or legal opinion. I am truly grateful that these weeks come and go and its not unending.

I try to not let work consume me, its hard and most lawyers will tell you that it will. What’s worse than getting paid excellent salaries ? Enjoying what you do. At least if it only pays well you can justify your 16 hour workdays by reassuring yourself that its only temporary and only for a few years. Sadly, when you love what you do then you think to yourself, is this the kind of lifestyle I have to live to do what I love? You look at all the missing wedding rings on your fellow colleagues” fingers and think to yourself  “Will it be all worth it”

They say criminal and family law doesn’t pay well and its too emotional, I agree but the personal nature of it makes me feel alive and be grateful that I had an opportunity to change a person’s life. This could be why I have slowly started asking for more criminal and family matters to handle. Commercial litigation is complex and without a doubt intellectually stimulating but at some point you think to yourself whether a MNC really needs you as much as an accused charged for an offence more serious than what he had committed or divorced father unable to see his children.

It took me about 6 minutes to do this post and in that time I could have charged a client 1 unit (equivalent to S$ XXX) for work done. Before, I start becoming a liability its time to get back to my work.

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