Delusional Freedom ?


Was introduced to a stranger today. He doesn’t want to change the world. He has decided that he will not got to University and get any qualification. He believes that he does not need them. He wants to grow his own vegetable/fruit garden, sow his own clothes, live off his musical instrument and never get a “big boys'” job. He told me:

“Our culture is just too materialistic. I do not need much to be happy. All I want to do is be free.”

He has no desire to travel the world or have nice things. He no desire to find true love. He just wants to ‘be’ that’s all. I must admit I was very impressed with this 15 year old’s philosophy to life.

After our conversation, I could not avoid reflecting on my own ambitions, which made be feel so guilty for being so interested in money and my possessions. It would be lovely to live by many of the inspiring ideas that he spoke of, however, I must be realistic and admit that I also want to be greedy and experience everything our beautiful world has to offer me.

Having gone through life with and without money I can honestly say that money does not bring happiness, but with money we have choices, which in turn presents us with the option of true freedom.

Am I a really bad person, and he a saint? Am I just like you and he delusional? Or can we find a balance between our two imaginary, individually ideal futures?

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