Perfect Moment – Waiting Part II


You’re destiny is virtually impossible to predict perfectly. Absolutely anything can happen.  Why do you wait if you may never get that supreme opportunity in the end?

You’ve been desperately searching for the perfect moment to ask the pretty girl you see every morning on the train on a date, you are at a restaurant where they have you’re most favourite dessert on their menu but sweets are traditionally eaten at the end of a meal so you should be proper and follow the customs, and for weeks you have wanted to see that new film with you’re friend but he keeps blowing you off.

Life is just to short to continue waiting. So ask the girl out, break the traditions, and do what you want to do when you want to do it. You’re initial expectations might waver, people may frown at you or you could just plain and simple get rejected.

But what if tomorrow was you’re last day? Would you go for it or forever ask yourself “what if” and continue waiting?

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