Human Labels


Why do we put labels on everything? The human race is organized and placed neatly into categories: black, white, fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, gay, straight, able, disabled, et cetera. It is this type of organization that creates chaos in our world.

If we are defined a certain way, we are treated a certain way.

The first thing that happens when we meet someone is process their appearance. Hey, he has a cute smile. Oh, she’s weird. Um, why does he look so gay? Er, she has too much makeup on. All these different adjectives are thrown at us like they’re the only definition of ourselves. Many people take these labels to heart and try to adjust themselves to fit into the group they want. They hate their label and requests to be put into another. This is why we’re never satisfied with ourselves. This is why discrimination exists. This is why low self-esteem prevails over confidence. Why can we not label one another with one and the same: human? Maybe if we were all blind, the world would be a better place.

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