First Trial, Peaceful 31st Night and Turning 26


Any attempt to blog frequently has become harder and harder for me. As comforting and relaxing as it can be for me to blog during my leisure time, the lack of free time has forced me to spend the little I have managed to squeeze out to catch up on sleep.

On a lighter note, I finished my first Trial as co-counsel last November and after another month of crazy long hours, the closing submissions are finished (it was filed on my birthday) and now its time to patiently wait for Judgment. The Trial was fun if you can ignore that I barely ate or slept that month.

Christmas was fun. I had the privilege of being invited to my boss’s home for Christmas. Most people would tell you that it’s hard to choose the right gift for your boss. Something formal yet casual, expensive but doesn’t wipe out your monthly salary. I decided to go with a nice bottle of wine, some tasty chocolates and the 1st draft of the closing submissions. Lol, yes that’s right I spent my Christmas Eve at Office finishing up my 1st draft so it can be nicely gift wrapped for my boss the next day.

I am sure anyone who reads this post must be thinking “Wah, damn sad life, always working”. I would agree with you 100% if I was judging myself from your shoes. But I am not. I simply love what I do and honestly how many people in this World can tell you that? This love doesn’t make the long hours and working weekends and holidays bearable but rather my love for my work is what keeps me late in the office or routinely brings me to office on a Sunday.

31st Night was exactly how I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to go out partying (although I did have a drunken crazy night the day before) or watch the repetitive fireworks (although I heard this year’s fireworks were quite nice). The year 2011 was a great year and by far the best 12 months of my life (only my exchange semester comes close).  However, there was no party that I could crash to celebrate how great the year was for me.

And then it was my birthday. I officially turned 26 last Friday. For course, the fact that I had the deadline for the closing submissions and a defence and counterclaim (amendment no.1) due didn’t change my birthday celebrations. However, I did welcome my birthday at office.  At 12.01am on my birthday, my boss and I were desperately trying to finish the conclusion for the submissions. See how exciting the life of a lawyer can be!

On a side note, I purchased a very expensive watch for my birthday. It’s gorgeous and worth every penny but unfortunately my savings has now been drained to zero again.

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