Cross-Examination Of A Lawyer


It’s another late night. These late nights seem to gradually become a common phenomenon in my working life. Sometimes I do wonder  if this kind of time and effort into a job, irrespective of whether you love it or not, is worthwhile. We just started the 2nd tranche of a hearing. I barely survived the first 14 days of the 1st tranche. So, I am sitting here, ferociously trying to find loopholes and inconsistencies in people’s stories. Mind you, these are stories written by lawyers, talented and “big firm” lawyers with fancy titles behind their names. Stories that have already been “lawyer proofed”.

I think back to my childhood: “smart-mouth” and “Kerbara” (translates to “liar”), two nicknames used by my friends and family more than my actual name. As I aged, nicknames gradually changed to adjectives, “Judgemental”, “Cynical”, “Mean” etc are used by people as commonly as “Mr.” before my name. And let’s be honest, these titles did at various stages in my life made me question myself – my personality and character. To ask myself, is there something wrong? Do I need to change myself?

Now, sitting here looking at these “lawyer proofed” stories I know that it’s that smart-mouth Kerbara offbrown utilizing his judgemental and cynical traits who writes these cross-examination questions. It’s he who is crafting these questionable questions, some rude, some cunning and some down right brilliant. From “false traps” to “cornering” to “third-way”, he sits here and enjoys making people look like fools, especially if it’s going to be before a large audience. You can almost see his smile reflected off the glass window as he crafts these questions. The words, the sentences and structure carefully selected. The kind of meticulousness that nothing else deserves. For a moment, I do lose myself in him. A trance of ugliness. But, it must be that creature that can digest these “lawyer proofed” stories and draft a question worthy of an answer.

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