A Watchmaker’s Son, Three Weddings and The Case Like No Other


You know what I am not even going to try to explain myself. Usual story: work kept me busy.


A Watchmaker’s son

Less than 5 years ago, I was trying to save every single dollar I can. I brought a whole new meaning to the word “savings”. Maybe, “miserly, penny-pinching, stingy” are better words to describe my actions.

Yesterday, I was at IWC Schaffhausen shop looking at the IWC Portuguese Automatic. As the salesperson told me “A watch that a person my age should not be buying.”


One must admit that it’s beautiful. This is one of those rare occasions when art, science, creativity and love come together to create a watch that in my eyes is “perfection”. This would not be my first luxury watch. I got one for myself on my birthday this year. Such behaviour has however made me wonder: How did I get here? What changed in the last 5 years to turn me into such a materialist person?

Three wedding and no funerals


I went back home last month and it was great. It was the first time in my life I went home a rich man. By rich, I just mean I had no restrictions on how much I can spend. It’s a great feeling. A sense of power and freedom. I loved the three weddings. Love always excites me. As cynical I may be right now about love and relationships, there is something about falling in love. Like they say “Marriage is the perfection of what love aimed at, ignorant of what it sought.”

For me, the official ceremonies were culturally enlightening but it was the speeches that were intriguing. Stories of how they met and fell in love, battled through stormy times to get here, standing stronger as individuals and as a couple more in love gives me hope that someday I maybe as lucky.

Besides the weddings, it was drinking heavily and frequently and shopping occasionally. The nightlife has picked up back home and it was acceptable. I had the pleasure of meeting and catching up with a very good friend of mine. With him, it’s natural. I don’t have to try. I haven’t spoken to him in ages and when I met him we picked up where we left off. He, like most of my friends back home, is married. “Find someone who makes you better”, he said. A solid piece of advice I must say.

The case like no other


After a crazy 8 months, reply submissions are done and the case is over. Now, we patiently wait for the award. This case was different. What started out as a simple commercial dispute on breach of contract and misrepresentation morphed into a gruesome and ugly campaign of hurdling personal accusations of bad faith against lawyers and clients alike. It was messy and on some days I felt ashamed of what the profession and “big firm” culture have done to my fellow peers. I am reminded of  my post “Being an ethical lawyer” . How practice slowly starts chipping away at your morals changing you into something that one day you will be embarrassed to identify yourself with that person.

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