Managing expectations


expecLife is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel

– Jean Racine

As I have grown up (and believe me I have grown up quite a lot the last 5 years), I learnt that even the one person that wasn’t suppose to ever let you down, probably will. It is not that person’s fault. Blame it on your expectations and selfishness.

Manage expectations of others

You’ll have your heart broken and you’ll break others’ hearts. There used to be a time when I mixed up soul mate with “first” mate and associated friendship with forever. Every relationship, love or otherwise, is not meant to succeed. Some work, some don’t. It is heart break that lets you learn about yourself and learn to manage your expectations of others.


Are we thought to believe that we deserve to be loved? Our parents love us unconditionally. If you believe in God, He loves us unconditionally. How can someone not feel a sense of entitlement when it comes to being loved? It is hard. We find fault in others because they are unable to love us as we deserve to be loved. They are weak; they have weakness. We develop a sense of entitlement and superiority. We are perfect; others are not. How often do you love others unconditionally? Love for most is selfishness rather than selflessness.

What happens when your relationship is bad? Leave of course. You deserve better. You are entitled to better. That’s a selfish way of looking at things.

In my late teens and early 20s, life was such a tragedy riddled with heart ache and misery. Unable to manage my expectations and mistaking the concept of love, I forgot to stop and learn to appreciate the love around us. We are all blessed to have a life, which we must learn to understand is perfect.

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