The European Mistress



I have lived in Asia my whole life. Born in a tranquil Island country, I spend my formative years growing up without a real idea of what standard of living citizens of developed countries lived. Whilst I never regretted the lifestyle I had growing up, I grew up watching western television shows, which fed me with crumbs of what life could be, if I only dreamed.

I dreamt really hard. Over the years, life has improved, as I inched towards what appeared to be the ideal living standard. In 2009, everything changed when I left Asia. It was a trip that I needed to take for my personal life was in dire ruins. It was the worst set of circumstances that took me to a place where I would meet my soul mate and to discover a place where my heart has never felt more at peace. In the first few months there, I discovered that the dreams of my younger self that had created a part of me that was determined, hard working and willing to make any kind of sacrifice to achieve my goals are better left as dreams. It was obvious that life meant more.

For lack of better words, Europe changed me. I love Asia. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life in any other place. But, whenever I go to Europe, she reminds me of what we all desire; to be at peace.

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