Numerology Profile: Four

If your Life-Path number is FOUR, it’s good to recognize that it’s strongly connected to the element of Earth from which it gains its strength and profound sense of reality. FOUR’S can be seen as the cornerstones of our society with their innate sense of dedication, hardworking ethics and standards of excellence.

Those with a FOUR Life-Path are generally the most trustworthy, practical and down-to-earth people there are. Organization and planning will come easily. Once a FOUR sets their mind to something, hell will freeze over before they leave it unfinished. Key qualities for a FOUR Life-Path number are order, service, steady growth, a foundation and struggle against limits.

It is common for others to misunderstand a FOUR – especially when it comes to your tenacity. A FOUR can have the kind of willpower that is limitless. At times, you can appear obsessive and unyielding – even when you’re wrong. While a FOUR makes an excellent business partner, friendships are another story. These will likely be limited, however, once formed you will be a loyal and dedicated friend for life. People know they can depend on you once you’ve made a commitment to them in both your work and personal life.

FOURS will thrive in environments where patience and perseverance are key. It can be important though, to keep the bigger picture in mind. Missed opportunities may occur if you’re too focused on the details of something.

The life purpose for a FOUR is often to learn how to take orders and to carry them out with the same dedication they would if the direction came from themselves. Head strong and set in their ways, FOURS can have difficulty if they don’t agree with superiors.

Because of the FOUR’S dogmatic approach to most everything, challenges can develop. Emotional repression, misunderstanding with others, intolerance for superficial people and a lack of tact can all create trouble for the FOUR. A healthy balance between work and play may go a long ways to alleviating such situations.

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