C1: I would like to have the no.5 meal

BK: And your drink would be coke ?

C1: No, Can I change to Ice Milo and also I change my fries to Onion Rings

BK: Sir/Madame, you would have to top-up 40 cents for Milo and 30 cents for the Onion Rings. Would that be fine with you ?

C1: Yeah sure.

BK: Would you like to upsize your meal and change your drink to large or king size drink ?

C1: No, thanks

Conversation Tips

1. Ask the customer for what he/she wants

2. If he/she names the burger, ask him/her if he/she wants the burger(ala carte) or the meal

2.1 If only the burger

2.1.1 Ask if take-away or eat-in and

2.1.2 Ask if he/she wants chilli or ketchup.

2.2 If the meal move to step 3

3. DO NOT presume the drink the customer wants: Clarify if the customer wants coke or wants to change the drink to anything else.

3.1 If he/she wants to change the drink: any additional top-up charges MUST be stated at that point. DO NOT presume the customer knows even if asks No.5 with ice milo and onion rings (Example above)

3.2 If he/she changes the fries to onion rings: remind the top-up charge (No need to state the exact amount unless specifically asked so by the customer

4. Ask if he/she wants to upsize the meal

4.1 Note: DO NOT upsize without asking the customer

4.2 Note: DO NOT say “Upsize your meal ?”

4.3 Note: CORRECt Procedure: “Sir/madame, would you like to go large with large drink or king size drink ?”

Simple: ASK – For Communication is the KEY to GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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