After working for 4 years in the fast food industry, I think can provide some insight into what is a must-do or must-do-not at the counter:

1. Decide on your order:

Burger King has pretty much had the same menu since the ‘begin of time’. Usually, it introduces a new menu item once a month for promotional purposes.

If you come to the counter and go “Ummmm” and constantly stare at the menu, it will piss the counter crew off (on what happens when crew get pissed Read page: Pissed BK Crew).

So if you are unsure about what to order stand 20 m away from the counter and first decide before joining the line. Don’t be kiasu and join the line to get your food when you DO NOT even know what to order.

2. Upzise Sir ?

The Crew at trained on the 5 step process; one of those stages is asking if the customer wants to upsize their meal. So, decide beforehand because if you change your mind after the placing the order; most crew would just pour the drink from the smaller cup to a bigger cup and add additional ice. Suck right?

Also, know that BK has two options on its upsize; Large or King Size drinks. Usually only the drinks have this and fries are only available in regular or large. The price for upsize is S$0.50 and additional S$0.30 if you wanna king size your drink.

Note: Milo and non-carbonated drinks do not have the kingsize or large option and the pricing differs depending on the outlet.

3. ALL are Beef except BK Big Fish, BK Chicken, Tendergrill

Yes, Please don’t assume the name is indication of the contents in the Burger. If you order the wrong burger and change your mind later; the kitchen crew is just not going to care about the second burger, which is going to be prepared hastily or/and nastily.

4. Ala Cart Menu

If you want the check the prices of items ala cart; ask the crew of the menu. Usually, the outlet do not have the price of ala cart burgers, drinks or fries in an attempt to sell value meals to customers. So, NO menu shown ≠ no ala cart items sold.

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