The trouble with the ratrace is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.

I ran into them a couple of times. The first encounter with a total stranger is never easy. I was never the stereotypical sociable person, it always took time but this time around that wasn’t really on my side. Therefore, I took the first initiative and to my surprise it worked.

M: “Only chinese can make it to the Dean’s List”

U: “But why?”

M: “We are just not able to compete with them, they are just too hardworking and smart”

U: “But why?”

M: “Because we are just ordinary people who were fortunate to make it to this university”

Of course, I knew then that I was different. I didn’t spend endless hours in the library when I was 12 reading every textbook I could get my hands on for no reason. Consciously, I knew I had an inclination to do accomplish great things. I was not yet ready to accept the “Sri Lankan dream” – a wife, two children, a car and house.

That day, at the PGPR pavilion, I decided to submit an application to partake in this World-Famous Rat Race. Four years down the road/race, looking back its been a good ran so far. Of course, I have overdone certain things to just keep myself afloat and sacrificed aspects that others would dream to be blessed with. But, retrospectively looking back and scrutinizing my decisions is just facile.

In the end, we all get caught up in this rat race and make certain unsound/indefensible decisions but what matter is that you are still running strong and every night you can get a good nights sleep.

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