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Soccer & running


Well, I was told that if I can run really fast I maybe the next michael owen in soccer then I can quit Law School and be a famous star and have lots and lots of female fans crazy over moi…… unfortunately no one told me that i need to be able to run with the ball 🙂 . I played my first EVER football game today. More like, it was the first time I EVER held a football (which apparently you are not suppose to do doing a game – Point noted Ian and sorry for the penalty kick as a result). 🙂

IT made me think on how interesting the game of football is… firstly, there are like so many players i.e. 11 if I am not wrong who are play the same role with minor differences… Yet all of them have only one goal in mind i.e. to score a goal… whether you are the guy in the front or near your team goalkeeper or the guys inbetween (these guys can’t decide I think) they all have one aim in mind…. Compare this with other games like cricket where players have distinct roles, some bat, others ball, while few field… same applies to Baseball and other games that require 11 or more players…. So why does football require so many just to do one thing…. secondly, why ??? well I dn’t think I know enough about the game to question it yet…. well, maybe after a few months of soccer experience I would learn the mysteries of soccer… But for now all I know is that I am quite bad at this game…. Theoretically, i have all the skills except kicking and handling the ball so maybe if i do learn to kick the ball instead of carrying it (sorry again Ian for the second penalty) maybe i can be the next Michael Owen… Who knows….