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You Know What’s Wrong With This World ???


You know whats wrong with this world …. People think they can always do better….. you can try but it’s never worth all the sacrifices you have to make to get there…..

Why???? Cos this World cares only about WINNERS…

Yeah, we get to hear about all the forbes millionaires who made it big because they wanted to do better than what was been done… but for every millionaire that makes it there are another million joes who dn’t. We never hear their stories…. the guy who drops out of the college so he can start his own fashion line, the girl who wants to ‘make it in Hollywood’ who starts off in adult pornography till she gets her big break in Hollywood scene or the teenage band, kids who skips school so they can practice in their grandma’s garage.

These are all stories no one gets to hear…. why because this world rarely gives a shit about losers…. people who try their best but dn’t have what it takes to make it are put into the same cauldron as people who dn’t even try. In this World, they are winners on one side and ‘others’ on the other side (see even that side has ‘other’ in front of it)  We have created a world were only winners are looked up upon and losers are JUST LOSERS… no one cares no one gives a shit…..

Its sad yet true