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Sea Shells & Beaches

What one of my law classmates told me a few years ago;

‘dating and relationships is like a walk on the beach…. You see a nice sea shell ? Pick it up… put it in your pocket and continue walking down the beach…. See a better one ? drop the old one and pick this up <rule 129 – you can’t keep 2 sea shells at any given time unless r.185(a) or r.83(c)-(f) applies>…. This dropping and picking up continues for some time till you reach the end of the beach…

End of the beach is equivalent to marriage…. too bad your just stuck with the last sea shell you picked (which you picked up only cos it was better than one before and you never really had any intention of keeping it FOREVER)

Note: You might ask why bother to pick a sea shell when you know there might be better ones further down the beach….becos you dn’t knw when the beach is gonna end so better one in the hand than 5 in the bush.

p.s. rule 129 or the other rules are part of this RULE BOOK i am working – later on this

Vanilla and chocolate

You have always liked vanilla….. just loved everything about it…. its color, its taste, its smell etc.. But you know there are other favors out there….. chocolate, strawberry or banana….You have never tried them… heard so many things about it…  Maybe you wanna try them but you dn’t cos your scared that you might just end up likely vanilla less than before or worst yet end up likely another favor. Why waste the time and try another favor when you know you like the one you have eaten (vanilla) for the last few years. <better one in the hand than 5 in the bush>

Note: Represents couples in serious relationships or marriage trying to make the best out of bad situtation.