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Locals Vs ‘Us’


The most common symptom of a recession is unemployment. The positive correlation of output and unemployment is straightforward for anyone with some basic economics. As output falls, employment fall since firms need less workers to produce goods due to falling demand for domestically produced goods. Currently, Singapore is going through such a patch. Hence, the competition arises between the locals and foreigners for the limited job vacancies. As usual, the locals are crying for help given their motto ‘when in trouble ask the government’. Fortunately, the erudite government knows its economics unlike most governments around the world.

Cutting down on foreigner workers to accommodate locals would just worsen this problem we are facing:

  1. Remember that locals and foreigners DO NOT compete for the same jobs. Over 70% of the foreigners work in the manufacturing & construction sector, which pays on average less than S$600 per month. Jobs which NO local would want to do, which is exactly why the foreigners were brought here in the first place. A country where people have to be reminded to clear their food trays and trash are anything but prepared to be the people who actually end up cleaning it.
  2. Even if some locals were to say that before they had better jobs but now they would settle for even these jobs. These industry jobs require intensive training, a cost which most firms cannot incur now. Further training and recruitment costs are the last thing firms need as they are trying to cutting down their costs.
  3. Simple economics, foreign labor is cheap, freaking cheap actually. The only reason certain firms are still a going concern is because a majority of their cost savings are from employing foreign labor. If we get rid of foreign labor, firms’ costs would increase and the end result more firms would shut down.
  4. For the ignorant few, Singapore government has certain policies that requires firms to employ locals for every XX number of foreigners. Hence, in the above point if firms close down due to the increasing costs, the locals who were hired to meet this statutory requirement would also lose their jobs.

Please ‘grow up’


Ok…. this is something that has annoyed me for some time so I am gonna take a few minutes off my mugging to blog about….

Teenagers….. wtf is wrong with this new generation of teenagers….. Specifically, when it comes to relationships and expressing their feelings. I see so many ‘in a relationship with XXXX’ or ‘its complicated’…. Actually, that I can’t handle it anymore… What annoys me is the ‘I love u Po’, ‘I miss U, <<kiss>>’ and ‘is lovin U for ever and ever’….. serious ??? I can understand this from couples who has been going out for a year or something but the third date or 2 week anniversary isn’t the most appropriate time to change your status to this. Normally this is how it goes

Stage 1: Change of status to something like ‘had fun’, ‘brilliant day’ etc… a message that hints to the other person that the time spent together on that particular day was special

Stage 2: ‘Love’ status updates frequency of change 20 hours or less…. refer above for examples

Stage 3: Photos of the couple on fb…..

Stage 4: Couple pic on fb profile pic and random friends commenting on how good both of them look together….. Yes… 16 year old nubbies…. looking good together in a photo is the secret of a looooong lasting relationship…. zzzzzz….

Stage 5: Rubber Stamp – it all goes down this way…… first…. someone feels bad…. moody status updates, followed by relationship status changed to complicated and finally ‘single’

Stage 6: clean up – all the pics of the couple on FB goes out and then go to another ‘love relationship’……..

Seriously, if you re a teenager…. dn’t waste your time on stupid useless shit like this…. Play a sport, study hard and experience new adventures (dating random women or sleeping around is NOT adventure). Being in a relationship is NOT part of what its like to be a teenager. Teenagers are meant to be carefree, irresponsible and out to conquer the world… You dn’t need a relationship to pull you down. Honestly, relationships prevent you from fully living the life of a teenager.

Remember women and all the heavy luggage that comes with them need only complicate your life when your older and mature. Word of Advice – PATIENCE, wait for the right time and the right person which is usually in your mid/late 20s….. Love is worth the loooooong restless wait – TRUST ME 🙂

Real Sacrifice


The greatest sacrifices are the ones you never expect anything in return

The trouble I have seen with parents is their inherent weakness of expecting something back in return for all the time and effort they have put in raising their children. How often do you come across parents who give everything they have and expect nothing in return from their children. Its the obvious connection they have with their children – love – blinds us all.

Their expectations are concealed under the cloak of ‘best interests’ for their child. A card used by most parents in order to achieve their own expectations or dreams via their children. This may be harsh…. But in reality, children are merely an investment made by parents in order to achieve some return in the future. Majority of the parents would not even see that their expectations are really killing their child’s dreams and hopes because these parents are blinded by parental love (rationalizing their expectations as ‘best interests for their child’).

Why don’t children stand up and say ‘No’? It is merely social norms at work. Children are constantly made to feel guilty of their parents’ sacrifices. Hence, ‘I Owe Them’ is always at the back of their head…. preventing most of them from going against their parents’ expectations. Parents celebrate when their children excel…. they are first to tell their neighbors… when their child fails….. I rarely hear Parents telling their neighbors how their drug addict son is doing time in prison or their O/L failed daughter is working as a prostitute. One may say its because it makes their children look bad…. yeah but that is taking a parent’s view point on what is good and what is bad…. what if their son enjoys doing drugs and their daughter wanted to be a prostitute. Why can’t parents be happy with what their children have become…. Just because mom gave up her dream on being an air stewardess to raise her 2 children and dad couldn’t get his lamborghini  since he had to save for their children’s college education does mean their daughter must be air stewardess and their son a lawyer….

Amendments to the Code of the Brotherhood (CAP 89, 2008 Rev.Ed.).


Changes made:

1. Amendments to:

Article 3: Chick Availability

Added Subsection 1(d) “As a half sister she would receive all rights and privileges of being off
limits to a bro”


  • The amendment was made to align the provision with Modern Social Trends. The increasing divorce rates and marriages with partners with children from previous marriages have left majority of the families with step-brothers and sisters. Therefore, since subsection 1(c) applies only to bloodline sisters, section 1(d) would help address this lacuna in the law.

Article 77: Tear Rule

Added Section 2(2) ‘In the event that he does, he must under no circumstance admit it to
anyone other than a girl he is trying to score with.’


  • We have observed that some bros play the sensitive card due to the myth held by certain chicks that guys who are emotional are better partners. This has resulted in many guys using this card for their advantage. Therefore, to be in accordance with overall obligation of all bros i.e. to help another bro score we have added this exception to the tear rule.

Article 5: Pets

Added Section 2 “(2) If a Bro gets a dog,
a. it must be at least as tall as his knee when full‐grow and,
b. must at all times be dressed with only his/her birthday clothes.”


  • The stand about owning a cat still remains. Furthermore, it has been observed that bros have been getting ‘cute dogs’ as strategy to score with chicks. However, this has resulted in the sacred place of dogs been shifted from ‘man’s best friend’ to ‘a bro’s wingman’ demeaning the title of ‘wingman’ (reserved for ‘bros only’). Therefore, to prevent this, all dogs owned by Bros must be taller than their knees (taking ‘cute dogs’ out of the equation). Furthermore, dogs shouldn’t have any clothes on them (this is just GAY)

2. New Provisions added:

Below mentioned are all the new provisions (some important ones are explained)

ARTICLE 22: Sworn Secrecy

ARTICLE 23: Wingman Rule 1

ARTICLE 24: Wingman Rule 2

ARTICLE 25: Boundaries on Girlfriend Conversation

  • Bros are only mortal and like all mortals, we fall into temptation. Commenting on another’s bro gf’s looks maybe the starting point heading to the violation of Article 3.

ARTICLE 28: Tattoo

ARTICLE 29: Cell Phone Positioning

ARTICLE 30: Shirts-Off

ARTICLE 31: Handbags

  • Bros can do anything to be ‘sweet’ to their gfs or chicks they intend to score with. However, certain acts would question a bros’ manhood itself. Carrying a handbag is a clear example. Two kinds of people carry handbags i.e. women and gays PERIOD.


ARTICLE 33: Moving Grounds

ARTICLE 54: Dump a chick

ARTICLE 66: Relationship Breakups

ARTICLE 70: Alcohol/Drug Overdose Violation

ARTICLE 71: Bro party Rule 1

  • This rule is to prevent nonalcoholic bros who come to parties and finishing the soft drinks and chips. Now, at least if they are gonna do so, the other bros would be too piss drunk (due to the extra alcohol) to get angry.

ARTICLE 72: Bro Outgoings

ARTICLE 73: Language Requirements

ARTICLE 74: Hot Chick Streak

ARTICLE 76: Unhotness

  • Unfortunately, when it comes to scoring with a chick, a bro’s head stops thinking due to sudden change of blood circulation. This is why another bro must intervene to prevent  one of his bros waking up next to a ‘mistake’.

ARTICLE 86: Comfort Zone Restrictions

ARTICLE 88: Greeting a Bro

The rationales for the other new articles can be obtained via request – email or post.

3. Changes to Outlay

  • The first page gives the history of the Code:
    • BASIC VERSIONS    Act 1 of 04/09/2008
      AMENDED BY        Act 4 of 22/10/2008
    • This shows firstly when the basic version was enacted on paper. Secondly, when the amendments were done.
  • The Code itself has dates [22/10/08] at the end of particular articles. This shows when that particular Article was enacted or amended. Therefore, anyone can go back to the particular amendment Act (i.e Act 4 in this version) and check the rationale for this new Article or the amendments to the Article in question.

Thats all I would like leave you guys with the same statement as before:

I hope this Code would provide moral authority to your actions and strength the brotherhood.


What Dreams ain’t made of…..


Imagine : Your whole life…. you were told there is a God… you heard it so many times that you started to believe it and relied on it and based your actions on this. The only thing that makes go get through the day is that ‘hope’ or ‘faith’ that someone day you would be rewarded for your actions….

For him college was like that…. his father use to tell him that all he had to do was get through school with flying colors and his college education would be ‘taken care of’…. The only reason he worked so hard in school was because he knew some day he would be able to go to college in the US and it would be fun and exciting to know what it feels like to be a student and a teenager (something he has never felt his whole life) – not to worry about your next meal, rent or ‘grown up’ stuff…. for 5 years he hung on to this ‘hope’ and all it took was 2 secs for his father to bring it to an end.

Biden – Palin 2008 Vice Presidential Debate


I am just disgusted by the standard of political debate in the ‘most democratic country in the free world’.

Honestly I didn’t expect much given the history of the candidates. One of them was placed in the bottom 5% of his law school cohort from THE worst ranked law college in Upstate New York. The other attending (or trying to attend) over 5 universities or colleges before finally graduating with a Bachelor in Science. Therefore, I knew that I had to be tolerant to the lack of intellectual arguments and just expect mud-swinging – and I wasn’t disappointed

1. Financial Recovery Plan

Both of them agreed on greater transparency, accountability, regulation and safety nets. A first year business student could tell you that and I know hope most Americans (even though they ain’t the smartest nationality alive) would give the same freaking answer given by both of them.

I was expecting them to really be able to spot the problem at hand. Everyone can see that this was merely greedy lenders lending money to borrowers with low credit ratings in the hope of profiting from interest and eventual foreclosure (this happens in Singapore when mortgagor is unable to pay the loan for three months – section 25 of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act – a power to sale arises – similarly US has its own legislation on this – the foreclosure allows the bank to get the house and sell it at a higher price due to increasing house prices resulted by the housing boom).

Maybe, a better approach for them would have been to understand the competing interests at hand. Investor confidence in the Wall Street is founded on secrecy and deregulation. Whereas, Main Street is run on public interest – middle class Americans’ interest. Irrespective of what was said, US needs Wall Street… it needs these big risky investors, we know that risk and returns are positively related. It has always been that US has the ’80-20 rule’ visible in its economic activity – 80% of the income generated comes from 20% of the economic agents – where most of the middle income/working class working for these 20% directly or indirectly.

On the other hand, no doubt it is crucial that these Wall Street investors are not allowed to run astray… regulation is important but striking a balance between regulation (protect public interest) and investor confidence (investors here refers to the 20% – rich greedy men on Wall street) is vital. Striking this balance is the hardest bit and neither candidate gave any solution on how they are gonna get around to do this.

2. The War on Terror

Horrible. Seriously, one wants to ‘win’ the war and the other wants to ‘end’ the war ‘within a time frame’. Hope they realize that their stance on the war is quite similar (if not identical) even though the word ‘fundamentally different’ was used frequently. One side wants to win – winning for them is Iraq being able to stand on its own two feet. The other side – also wants Iraq to stand on its fleet but the difference is its plan has a deadline. Problems are countless…..How realistic is this deadline? How was 18 months decided upon? What factors were considered? 18 months would mean another US$ 800 billion (currently US$10 billion per week on the Iraq war) – Can US afford to put into US$700 Bn into the Bailout and cough-up another US$800 Bn?. What happens if Iraq cannot stand on its own two feet after 18 months?

Hope that both of them know they have the same objective only one is more detailed than the other.


Seriously, who are they kidding… I do understand that they had only 2 minutes to respond per question. However, both of them had pre-written answers on certain popular potential questions, which they read off throughout the debate and they are statesmen – being on stage and performing should be their plus point. One made rare eye-contact whereas the other brought her modeling career into the debate – way too much staring at the camera and smiling – its a debate not Miss Universe Contest

If a question had 20% relevance to one of the answers they had prepared for before the debate, they would just jump right in and say that. As a result, both candidates were not addressing the question 85% of the time (only time they answered a question was on same-sex privileges)

3. Role of VP

OMG…. A model, fishermen, sports reporter – yeah, I didn’t expect her to know the constitutional underlyings of the Article 1 of the US Constitution. But, at least she should have done her due diligence, get her advisors to do some research… try to put some intellectual content into that brain….. Respect, to the other candidate, who at least understands the constitutional role of the VP – maybe his JD (law degree) helped him out.

4. Economic Issues

Yes…. Education must be FIRST in US’s list of things to work on…. clearly, their system is producing faulty output lacking even the basic macro-economic principles.

Both the candidates should go back and read about aggregate demand, multplier effect of an increase in demand on GDP, Effects of taxes on GDP verus lump sum reliefs, Marginal Propensity to Save & Consume etc. Go read General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Keynes and try this question again.